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oil painting classes

Do you want to improve your clouds? Do you wish to perfect your trees or mountain painting?

Bob Ross Tech goal is to provide students with a deep understaind and practice of specific painting techniques that can improve your paintings. Our teacher is Bob Ross certified, we seek to maintain very small groups, under 8 students, in order to keep a close attention to each individual needs. 

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To check classes availablity and to book your presence in a Bob Ross Tech Class, contact us or fill in the contact form.

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Bob Ross Workshops

Oil painting workshops

Bob Ross legacy is a magic one and that results from the fact that he created an extremely motivating learning method for beginners and also for therapeutic or leisure ends.

In just one workshop the student will learn and practice all the techniques that are required to produce the chosen painting. First the teacher demonstrates those techniques and then, with close and full support from him, the student will practice the very same techniques in his or her own canvas and discover that all of them are incredibly simple to reproduce.

At the end of the workshop the student should have concluded the painting, one that is similar to the one painted by the teacher even more so if the student chooses to follow the teacher instructions, although the student is free and even encouraged to adjust the suggested colors to different mixtures or tones as he or she prefers to follow his/her own intuition.

Above all, the student enjoys a very special and relaxing day, in a friendly, peaceful environment, one that promotes an incredible creative inspiration attitude.

The student will not have to bring anything else but him or herself. The school provides for all needed materials, and tea / coffee breaks.

We offer private (one student) or small group workshops in
order to maintain a friendly environment and close support
to each and every one.

If you choose to have a private class, we ask you to request it using the contact form.

Otherwise use the menu at the top of this page, and choose one of our suggested paintings.

The workshop duration is 6 hours max or whenever the painting is finished.
Each student pays 60, all materials included. Bring a friend and get price reduction.
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